Express lanes use electronic signage with dynamic pricing to help manage traffic flow. Before using this new roadway, take a moment to learn about I-77 Express pricing signs and other important signage that will help you enter and exit the lanes.

Understanding the Signs

The express lanes have signage that will:

  • Guide you into the express lanes and help you exit the lanes
  • Display the real-time, current prices for non-HOV3+ NC Quick Pass drivers

How to Read the Signs

As you approach the express lanes, you will see our pricing and tolling signs. Before each entrance, the entry signs display the:

  • Route indicator
  • Price for a non-HOV3+ NC Quick Pass motorist to travel from that entry point to the end of that toll segment

Before the exit point of each toll segment, you will see another pricing sign, which will display the next toll segment’s price (there are 11 toll segments) – allowing you to determine whether your time needs warrant continuing on the express lanes. The price you see is only incurred if you choose to stay in the express lanes and travel in the next segment. You will not incur any additional charges if you choose to exit. Exit signs will help guide you out of the express lanes into the general purpose lanes or onto a direct connector bridge ramp.

Pricing Signs

Pricing signs on I-77 Express reflect the toll rates for transponder (NC Quick Pass, E-ZPass, SunPass and Peach Pass) customers. These customers pay the lowest toll rates compared to Bill by Mail customers. For customers without a NC Quick Pass, SunPass, Peach Pass or E-ZPass transponder, you can still use the express lanes. Cameras will capture an image of your vehicle’s license plate. NC Quick Pass will mail a bill to the vehicle’s registered owner through the Bill by Mail program.

What Price Will You Pay?

Current prices are displayed on entry signs prior to each toll segment. At the beginning of operation, I-77 Express, prices are fixed per a weekly rate schedule posted in advance. After the initial trial period, prices will be based on real-time traffic conditions and may change as often as every five minutes to reflect the current rates needed to manage traffic volume.

  • Prices fluctuate up and down to keep traffic flowing at an average minimum speed of 48 mph or faster
  • The last price you see on the sign prior to entering an express lane segment is the amount you will pay – even if the price changes on the segment after you enter it.

View the fixed pricing chart HERE.

Additional Safety Tips

Entering and Exiting I-77 Express

Dedicated entry and exit points will guide you in and out of the express lanes, allowing you to safely maneuver between the general purpose lanes and the express lanes with ease.

Drive Like a Pro

Prior to your trip, determine which I-77 Express lanes entrances and exits you will need. Click below for a detailed I-77 Express map.

I-77 Express map

I-77 Express Speed Limit

With a speed limit up to 70 mph in certain segments, I-77 Express is designed to ensure traffic moves at an average minimum speed no less than 48 mph during peak travel times. The minimum speed limit for I-77 Express is 45 mph.

Roadside Assistance

Operations crew members in dedicated vehicles will come to your aid for any minor roadside emergencies. If you are stranded in the express lanes or adjacent general purpose lanes, call 1-855-477-2018 and remain in your vehicle until our crew members arrive.

**A minimum of two express lanes per direction provide extra capacity to accommodate any incidents that occur inside the lanes. If you must stop for any reason while you are in the express lanes, pull safely onto the shoulders.**

Lane Separation

Traffic delineator posts separate the express lanes from the adjacent general purpose lanes, making driving on the lanes both safe and reliable.