It’s important to learn how I-77 Express signs can guide you and help you understand pricing before you get in the lanes.

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Toll Segments

I-77 Express is divided into 11 toll segments, each with separate pricing. Your trip may combine the use of several toll segments to reach your destination.

How Much Will I Pay?

I-77 Express toll rates vary based on real-time traffic conditions measured throughout the entire corridor to keep traffic moving.

All-Electronic Tolling

NC Quick Pass offers customers two options to pay for tolls:

Option #1 – With a NC Quick Pass account, tolls will be automatically deducted from your prepaid balance..

Option #2 – Cameras in the lanes will capture an image of your vehicle’s license plate.  NC Quick Pass will mail a bill to the vehicle’s registered owner through the Bill by Mail program. Please note, NC Quick Pass customers pay the lowest toll rates.

Accepted and Prohibited Vehicles

For safety and efficiency purposes, only certain types of vehicles are allowed to use I-77 Express. Learn about the accepted and prohibited vehicle classes for I-77 Express.

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