It’s important to learn how to read the I-77 Express signs and understand pricing before you get on them for the very first time. Review our step-by-step tutorial.

Toll Segments

I-77 Express is divided into 11 toll segments, each with separate pricing. Your trip may combine the use of several toll segments to reach your destination.

How Much Will I Pay?

I-77 Express will begin operation with scheduled pricing for the first 180 days. After that, toll rates will vary based on real-time traffic conditions measured throughout the entire corridor to keep traffic moving.

All-Electronic Tolling

NC Quick Pass offers customers two options to pay for tolls:

Option #1 – With a NC Quick Pass account, tolls will be automatically deducted from your prepaid balance..

Option #2 – Cameras in the lanes will capture an image of your vehicle’s license plate.  NC Quick Pass will mail a bill to the vehicle’s registered owner through the Bill by Mail program. Please note, NC Quick Pass customers pay the lowest toll rates.