Extended Vehicles   

Extended vehicles are allowed to use I-77 Express. Vehicles that classify as extended are more than 22 feet in length. Similar to low occupancy vehicles (LOV), extended vehicles must have no more than two axles.


Two-axle vehicles towing single-axle trailers are allowed to use I-77 Express. Vehicles towing trailers, whether LOV or extended, are deemed extended vehicles if the total length of the vehicle and trailer exceed 22 feet. Again, only single-axle trailers are allowed within the express lanes.

Tolls for Extended Vehicles

Tolls rates for extended vehicles are more than rates for LOV vehicles. The LOV rate is multiplied for extended vehicles, dependent upon time of day and/or traffic flow. To see the extended vehicle toll rate multipliers, click HERE.

More Information

Have more questions about extended vehicles and toll rates? Visit FAQs to see if your questions have been answered, or contact us. To learn more about I-77 Express’ allowed and prohibited vehicle classes, click HERE.