A More Reliable Driving Experience

I-77 Express use dynamic pricing to help manage traffic flow and provide faster, more predictable travel. Roadside equipment calculates real-time prices every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day, designed to move traffic through the corridor at an average minimum speed of 48 mph or faster.

Dynamic Pricing to Keep Traffic Flowing 24/7

Based on real-time traffic conditions and demand, I-77 Express toll prices will vary periodically throughout the day to move traffic through the corridor at an average minimum speed of 48 mph or faster. As traffic increases in the express lanes, the toll price respectively increases to keep the number of additional vehicles entering the express lanes at a minimum, which keeps traffic moving. When traffic volume decreases in the express lanes, the toll price respectively decreases.

Your Toll Price Locks the Moment You Enter

As you enter the express lanes, you see and pay the current toll rate displayed at the entrance of each segment – even if the rate changes while you’re driving on the segment.

No NC Quick Pass? Get a Bill by Mail.

If you do not have a NC Quick Pass account, you can still use the express lanes. SunPass, Peach Pass and E-ZPass transponders are also accepted as a method of payment on I-77 Express.

For customers without a NC Quick Pass, SunPass, Peach Pass or E-ZPass transponder, cameras will capture an image of your vehicle’s license plate. NC Quick Pass will mail a bill to the vehicle’s registered owner through the Bill by Mail program. Please note, transponder customers pay the lowest toll rates.

NC Quick Pass Rates vs. Bill by Mail Rates

Pricing signs on I-77 Express reflect the toll rates for transponder (NC Quick Pass, E-ZPass, SunPass and Peach Pass) customers. These customers pay the lowest toll rates compared to Bill by Mail Customers.

11 Toll Segments

I-77 Express is comprised of 11 toll segments:

Once you enter a toll segment, you are charged for that segment. If you decide to continue driving into the next toll segment, you will see a pricing sign for the second segment, well in advance, to help you determine whether to continue your trip in that segment of the express lanes or to exit the express lanes. Similarly, if you continue driving in the express lanes, you will pay the toll price posted at the beginning of each additional segment you use.

Separate charges for each of the toll segments you use for a single one-way trip will then appear on your billing statement. For example, if you enter the southbound express lanes at Brawley School Road and exit at Sunset Road, you will incur three separate toll charges for each of the toll segments you entered.

The map below shows the last exits prior to a new toll segment.