I-77 Tolling Equity Program

    1. Rules and Conditions:
    2. 1. This temporary trial program applies only to the I-77 Express Lanes, and no other toll lanes or toll roadways in the state.
    3. 2. This temporary trial program is being offered and operated by I-77 Mobility Partners and does not involve NC Quick Pass.
    4. 3. To participate in the program, participants must:
    5. a. be current FNS recipients at the time of using the I-77 Express lanes.
    6. b. have been notified that their application to the program has been approved.
    7. c. not had their approval cancelled.
    8. 4. To apply, FNS recipients must:
    9. a. apply online.
    10. b. be the registered owner of a vehicle permitted on the express lanes that has a current valid registration with a clean metal (not paper) unobstructed plate, and provide the license plate number, and a cell phone number which will receive text messages pertaining to the program.
    11. 5. Participants will receive 5 free trips* on the I-77 Express Lanes per calendar month.
    12. 6. Participation begins when the participant receives a text message from I-77 Mobility Partners notifying them of their approval and ends at the conclusion of the trial program on August 1, 2024, or when I-77 Mobility Partners sends a text notifying that participant approval has been cancelled, which may occur at any time during the trial program.
    13. [northbound or southbound] within a 30-minute time frame)
    1. Participation in the program does NOT begin until you receive a text from I-77 Express.
    2. For questions, call (980) 416-5137

    Office Location and Contacts

    I-77 Mobility Partners 8015 W. WT Harris Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28216

    • For roadside assistance or immediate safety concerns in the I-77 Express corridor, dial: 1-855-477-2018
    • For questions regarding I-77 Express, dial I-77 Mobility Partners: 980-337-2400
    • For claims regarding operations and maintenance, email claims@i77partners.com


    Monday through Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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