Dynamic Pricing

I-77 Express toll prices fluctuate periodically throughout the day based on real-time traffic conditions and demand to maintain an average minimum speed of 48 mph. Toll rates may change as often as every five minutes to accommodate changes in demand for I-77 Express. The minimum and maximum toll rates per segment will be adjusted periodically in accordance with the contract and North Carolina law.

For maximum and minimum rates effective March 5, 2022, click here.

(*Some segments on the attached table are direct connectors and may not be encountered in through travel.)

For a map of the segments described below, click here.


Main Lane Segments

Segment & Description

1N   7S – Between I-77 MM11 and Cindy Lane

2N   6S – Between north of Cindy Lane and Lakeview Road

3N   5S – Between Lakeview Road and south of Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road

4N   4S – Between south of Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road and north of Stumptown Road

6N   2S – Between north of Stumptown Road and north of Catawba Avenue

7N   1S – Between north of Catawba Avenue and north of Langtree Road

8N   0S – Between north of Langtree Road and I-77 MM36

Direct Connector Segments

Segment & Description

0N      8S – Between I-277 and north of Cindy Lane

9N     11S – Between I-277 and I-85

10N  10S – Between I-77 MM11 and I-85

12N     9S – Between Hambright Rd Direct Connector and south of Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road

11N – Between Hambright Rd Dir. Connector & north of Stumptown Rd

Within segment names, “S” = South and “N” = North.

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