I-77 Drive for Community

Through public voting, the annual I-77 Drive for Community gives local nonprofits a chance to win as much as $10,000 to support their causes.

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Extended Vehicles Welcome

Individuals and businesses now have greater access to a reliable drive time. New guidelines now allow vehicles and certain types of trailers that are more than 22 feet in length to access the express lanes.

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Take a Virtual Ride on I-77 Express

See how I-77 Express can get you more time in your day, so you can spend less time sitting in traffic.

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Toll Rates

Get the latest information about how toll rates are applied to I-77 Express.

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Occupancy Detection System

The system helps ensure the I-77 Express HOV3+ discount is fairly applied.

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I-77 Express' Local Investment


Invested in the 26-mile corridor


Employed throughout the project


Worked within the project

Plan Your Trip

We can provide you directions, detailed entry-point and exit-point maps, and an estimated price to get you there on time.

I-77 Express Map

New to the Lanes?

Using I-77 Express is simple and convenient.
Let us explain how to do it.

Using the lanes

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  • Blind spots matter in May...whether they're in your heart or over your shoulder. During #MotorcycleSafetyAwarenessMonth and beyond, remember #loveisblind, but your vehicle's blind spot is another story...give it the attention it deserves! #I77 #clttraffic #motorcyclesafety 💖🏍️ https://t.co/thXHVhX564May 17
  • Motorist tip: Motorcycles operate differently than other vehicles, and motorcyclists do not always use their brakes at the same times that cars do. Always keep an eye out for motorcycles. #MotorcycleSafety #I77 #clttraffic https://t.co/iMqPejxx4xMay 13
  • Expect moving closure of one express lane on #I77 Express NB & SB between Exit 11 in Charlotte and MM 37 in Mooresville from 9pm to 6am. #clttrafficMay 12
  • Expect closure of one express lane on #I77 Express NB near Exit 16 in Charlotte from 9pm to 6am. #clttrafficMay 11
  • Special thanks go to Iredell ECOM, @NCDOT Div. 10 & 12, @NCSHP, Mooresville PD and Iredell Fire & Rescue for joining us today in our first Corridor Team Meeting to address safety and response logistics. Together, we're striving to make #I77 a safe and efficient travel corridor. https://t.co/tsZpj850cqMay 11
  • Expect closure of one general purpose lane on #I77 NB & SB between Exit 11 in Charlotte and Exit 36 in Mooresville from 9pm to 6am. #clttrafficMay 10