How can I-77 Express help you get there?

More control over your travel

Not only are the I-77 Express lanes easy to use, you can expect a reliable trip with faster, more predictable drive times.

Get there with ease

You will get there quicker and worry-free. You might even catch yourself smiling throughout the trip. Cruise to your destination at an average minimum speed of 48 mph during rush hour and a maximum speed of 70 mph - five miles per hour faster than you would by using the general purpose lanes.

No rush-hour gridlock

Bumper-to-bumper traffic during peak travel times is obsolete on the express lanes. These lanes are designed to flow at all times of the day.

There's no stopping

With all-electronic, cashless tolling, you can just hop into the express lanes using your NC Quick Pass transponder. For customers without a transponder account you will receive a bill in the mail through the Bill by Mail program. You won’t waste time digging for cash or stopping at toll booths.

The road is yours

Driving will be pleasurable again! The express lanes will not be clogged with stop-and-go traffic. In fact, at certain times of the day, it will feel as if the road belongs to you.

Free roadside assistance

Our friendly and dedicated operations crew is standing by to assist you 24/7 with minor roadside emergencies. Just call 1-855-477-2018.

An easier commute

There are 26 miles of express lanes, with 11 entry points and 11 exit points. These lanes are ideal for commuters who need to travel quickly through the corridor without encountering any stop-and-go traffic.