Payment Information

Using the I-77 Express Lanes is your choice! Toll rates will be clearly displayed on overhead signs to help you make a decision about your commute as you travel through the I-77 North Corridor

No cash or coins are needed to use the I-77 Express Lanes. And you won't need to stop at a tollbooth.

Drivers will have two payment options:

  • NC Quick Pass Drivers: With a NC Quick Pass, drivers will display the transponder while driving through the Express Lanes and the fee will be automatically billed to the driver's account (managed by the North Carolina Turnpike Authority).
  • Non-Quick Pass Drivers: Even without a NC Quick Pass, drivers can still use the I-77 Express Lanes – the overhead tolling equipment will photograph the vehicle's license plate. The North Carolina Turnpike Authority will send a bill by US Mail, which you can pay online, via phone, or by mail.



Get a NC Quick Pass

The NC Quick Pass is a convenient and efficient way to use the I-77 Express Lanes. All toll fees are automatically deducted from your prepaid account, meaning you will not have to worry about bills or due dates.

Click here to sign-up for a NC Quick Pass account online.




North Carolina Turnpike Authority

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